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  • Plan my ride quickly and easily
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Public Carpooling

HitchHike Carpooling Switzerland

Drive yourself or ride along - via HitchHike you can easily and quickly form a suitable carpool.

Safety concept: Find me here.

Travelling outside Switzerland: As a Swiss HitchHike member, you can expand the network to Europe after registering. Or you can register directly with the Europe-wide HitchHike Community.

For what do I use HitchHike for?

  • Regular commuting to the work place
  • Regular trips to sports or the music club
  • Individual trips on specific days (trips to the mountains, shopping in the neighbouring town, etc.)

SayHi for Switzerland  HitchHike is worldwide unique, the Public Carpooling here is combined with the Corporate Carpooling - solutions for companies and institutions. More information about our professional carpooling solutions

My pesonal advantages

  • Quick and easy planning of my journey
  • Meet new people
  • Split parking and petrol costs by two, three or four
  • The service is free of charge for you, offered by partners from HitchHike
  • Use your HitchhHike-Profile also for your company internal HitchHike Carpooling solution
  • Use HitchHike parking spaces at some locations
  • An alternative in case of train cancellations;)


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